The aviowiki REST API gives access to all static and dynamic data stored in our database.

The base path of all endpoints is TLS (HTTPS) is required to access all resources.

Throughout the documentation, we will give examples of requests using cURL.

Quick Start

To get you started, we’ll try a super easy search function using one of our Free Endpoints.

This code will retrieve a list of airports that match the search query “Los Angeles”.

curl -X GET \

Testing environment

aviowiki offers a testing environment that can be accessed by customers and prospect customers to test their integration, including contribution to aviowiki, without affecting Production data.

Our Test environment also has a frontend associated, which can be used to visually check the data transacted on the API.

The base path for the Test environment is

Access to this environment is free of charge. To request access please send us an email.

Data in the Test environment is not intended for use in any production environment. Data in this environment is not verified by our Data team and can be incorrect, and incomplete.

Data in the Test environment is not a reflection of the data available in our Production environment. For any qualitative or quantitative assessment of the data available in production, please send us an email.

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