Retrieve aircraft position


This endpoint allows retrieving the current location of one or more aircraft, given their registration marks.

To access this endpoint additional Authorisation is needed. Your API token needs to be associated with a User which includes the role of AIRCRAFT_POSITION



registration The registration marks of the aircraft including the dash separator where applicable. For example, N4252T, D-IEGO, OE-INA.

It is possible to concatenate multiple registration parameters in the query string. For example, ?registration=D-IEGO&registration=G-INTR&registration=N4252T.


The server replies with 200 unless an error was encountered.

The body of the reply is a JSON list where each object is made up of the following properties:

tailNumber: The aircraft registration in the same format as entered in the request parameters. For example, G-ZBJK.

transponderIcao24: The ICAO 24bit address of the transponder in hexadecimal format. For example 4074e3.

position: A Position object.

Position object

The Position object represent the current position and state of an aircraft.


coordinates: A Coordinates object.

baroAltitude: The barometric altitude as reported by the aircraft transponder and with reference to the pressure level of 1013.25hPa. This is measured in meters.

groundSpeed: The ground speed as calculated by a satellite positioning system. This is measured in meters/second.

course: The true course of the aircraft as calculated by a satellite positioning system. Be aware that this is accurate only when the aircraft is in motion.

verticalRate: The vertical rate of climb or descent of the aircraft as reported by its transponder. The unit of measure is meters/second. Negative values indicate a descent.

onGround: A boolean value that indicates if the aircraft is on the ground or in the air. This information is provided on a best effort basis, as not all type of sources support transmission of this data.

observed: An ISO datetime string that indicates when was this position recorded.

source: The type of source that reported this position. Possible values are ADSB, MLAT, ASDI, OCEA, SATE, HFDL, ASTERIX

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