At aviowiki we believe that certain public institutions should provide openly accessible aviation data free of charge.

They are not doing it.

This is our way to give back to the Industry.

Our Open Data contains basic but necessary information about all airports in our database. It is the most complete professional aviation database that you can find on the internet.

Open Data is free

You don't need to pay anything to access our Open Data.

Open Data is easy

You can retrieve our Open Data via the API using a free API token, or by making unauthenticated API calls.

Check all details in the Free Endpoints section of this documentation.

We also offer a convenient download of the full Open Data set. This is updated every 24 hours and it is a mere 8MB.

You can download this set from

Or in a command line, type:

curl -O

How can I use it

Open Data is licensed under the Creative Common License with Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

Full terms of the license can be accessed at

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